About Us

  1. Our enterprise engages in the business of slaughtering, storing, processing and selling meat products. Since 2011, the whole production cycle has been conducted in Halal line. Since 2013, the enterprise has been working under BEEFSTREAM trademark.
  2. We cooperate with large stud farms and feeding platforms of North Kazakhstan that we have long-term agreements with.
  3. The enterprise has its own vehicle fleet of specialised trucks. End product is supplied to buyers in cargo refrigerators with regulated temperature mode suspended on special hooks, due to which our products are always delivered fresh and good-quality.
  4. Our partners are enterprises in Kazakhstan and countries of the Customs Union.
  5. Quality of our products is verified by state-recognised certificates and veterinarian documents.
  6. The company is in the countries of the Customs Union Registry under number 820206450122.

Flawless logistics

You will receive fresh products within a short time